Leah Gordon

British photographer, working and living in Haiti in a lecture about Haiti and the perception in the Western world.

25/10 Leah visited Havremagasinet to talk about her work and the view of western society upon Haiti.
She will have an exhibition there, starting in January 2017.

She started with a historical overview of the islands past and some background to their culture.

Gordons main projects are “Kanaval” and “Case”.

The first giving an insight to the traditional carnival celebrations on the island and the second one depicting the shades of pigmentation in nice steps from black (noir) to white (blanche).

The system was created by the 18th-century French colonialist Moreau de St Méry. She used people from the island, trying to “match” the skin colour to the charts, using classical paintings as inspiration for posing them in a puppet-theatre-like setting.

Creole for carnival gives an intimate insight to the carnival traditions on Haiti and the close relation to vodou.   She then, in later projects, had a look at German and British carnival traditions.

In her lecture it was clear that the west had quite a few prejudices and that those could be seen in a large amount of photography done on and about Haiti. Often from the “We-and-them”-point of view and also the western privileged photographer showing the misery on the island.

Research point:
When taking pictures and making a project, be aware on prejudices and try to avoid them


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